Roaming GHostland
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Roaming Ghostland: The Final Days of East Germany is about a defining moment both in modern European history and in the life of an idealistic young journalist who abandons everything to chase his dream as a freelance foreign correspondent covering the demise of East Germany after the Berlin Wall crashes down.


Through the eyes of that young reporter, the book takes us deep into the soul of a country as it is being erased for all time, offering glimpses into the lives of ordinary people abruptly confronted with such alien concepts as capitalism, democracy, and personal freedom.

He unmasks a land embroiled in chaotic, comical and horrific human drama. He stumbles upon mass graves and brutal neo-Nazi Skinhead attacks. He eats kangaroo soup; meets a psychiatrist lusting for Freud; follows East Germany’s first free elections and economic free fall; hawks chunks of the Wall; plays the black currency market and sips beer in a pub Napoleon frequented. He chronicles everything, knowing it will soon be lost to the ages.


Sharing the writer’s odyssey along the way, we discover the joy and anguish of taking risks, confronting change, and seizing once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.  By turns poignant, chilling, exuberant, and harrowingly humorous, Roaming Ghostland offers new insights into the uneasy melding of a unified Germany, as well as a vivid personal account of one man’s life-changing journey.


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